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How much will it cost me to treat my cat with roundworm

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How much will it cost me to treat my cat with roundworm?
Hello There,

What symptoms are you seeing in this girl?
Does she go outdoors?
Is she on any flea preventative at this time?

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the only thing i have noticed at this stage is that she has been sick? and also has been doing the toilet in the house i dont know if this will have anything to do with the worms? shesometimes gets out when she was with my friend but now i have her she has been a house cat as i am in a flat with a main road outside. i dont really know that much about her at this moment as i have only had her for a week as far as i know she has been wormes and fled in january. but not sure if this is true.
Is she having watery stools or are you seeing worms in her stools but normal stools?
What do you mean by sick....vomitting?
Anything that looks like spaghetti in the vomit?
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

yes she has been vomitting and she defo has worm is her vomit looks like spagetti. her poo is also wattery too.

Great, thank you for the information.

Worms can rob your cat of vital nutrients causing anemia, diarrhea, perhaps with blood; weight loss; dry hair; general poor appearance; and vomiting, perhaps with worms in the vomit. If left untreated the cat could die, so it is advisable to act on you observation.

If it looked like spaghetti, then it was most likely roundworm which can be treated with a wormer containing piperazine as it's active ingredient.

If it looked like a grain of rice or a sesame seed, it is most likely tapeworm. Over the counter products will generally treat the tapeworms if there is Praziquantel in it.

However, the problem with over the counter treatments is that many aren't effective against ‘all' the possibilities. That's why a vet administered med is highly recommended. The vet can determine what kind of parasite (or parasites) your companion may have in addition to tapeworms and treat him accordingly with the latest prescription meds and accurate dose. Please see this link

Other parasite info:




All worms

Treatment at the vet will entail bringing a stool sample for analysis, cost of an office visit, and proper medication. If she is up to date on her vaccinations and you can bring her records with you, or use her current vet, the cost should not be more than about $100 to $200 depending on where you live. It could be less, could be more, but that is a rough idea.

I hope this helps you!

Warmest Wishes,
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