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Dr Caroline
Dr Caroline, Veterinarian
Category: Cat
Satisfied Customers: 643
Experience:  20 yrs of cat dog practice, general practice, emergency, certified in veterinary acupuncture 2006
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hi Dr Caroline... chuck and nan here with a question about

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hi Dr Caroline... chuck and nan here with a question about one of our recently "found" cats. Studs, as we call him, came in quite beaten up and in need of help, so we did what was needed and are happy to report that he is recovering rapidly and is very affectionate, almost demanding... to humans.... however, when it comes to other cats, he has been quite aggressive. Because of this, he has his own suite with screened door to limit physical contact and more stitching bills...

Our local vet has prescribed Megace 20mg once a day for 8 days. It appears to work on most cats by altering the hormone levels ??... Studs has been neutered (one month) and has no bad tests... I wonder if you have experience with it, or other methods of calming his response to other cats. Most of ours are pretty calm toward new-comers (except the usual posturing by the alpha(s)....)    We don't know his age, even approximately, but when he arrived he had the full jowls of an old tom, a bit on the scruffy side, and appears to have some hair loss along his flanks... his pads are pretty wrinkled and worn, but he has all his teeth.... trust me on that...

Nan is also concerned that the hair loss might be related to a clinical problem... he has a voracious appetite and his bowel movements while normal, are more frequent than the other cats... thyroid comes to mind, which could make him a bit hyper too...

good to have you there... again, hoping all is well with you and yours...

chuck and nan

Hi Chuck!

You must be lucky, you find me when i am online pretty much every time.

Glad to hear from the Julian crew!

Happy to know Chelsea has some good purring moments! thank you for doing your best to keep her happy and have her around!

As for the new comer, is he dewormed? and if yes with what?

Tests did consist of which ones exactly?

Treated for fleas? if so with what?

How long has he been on the Megace?

Good job making him stay away from the other cats.


I will be out for the weekend, so I am not forgetting you.

So I may answer later Sunday, or at least, let you know I got your reply before then.

Hang in there.







Customer: replied 8 years ago.
hi Caroline,

not dewormed, no symptoms, unless Baytril is a dewormer
tested for feleuk, no major bloodwork
vaccinated for FVRC-P, Leukemia, FIP, Rabies at time of alter.
Baytril and Amoxicillin (oral 8 days) for infections and abscesses (the traumas mentioned earlier)
??Flumeglumine also listed.... unusual? pretty powerful stuff I think
no evidence of fleas
Megace 3 days today, understand we should see a change in 5, and will start the taper off in 8... he is already much less aggressive ...

have a great weekend, no rush unless you think something needs attention.... will look for a mail next week..

the wildest one is actually softening a little... patience +... {:>))
chuck and nan and all

Definietly should be dewormed, will get back to you in more details tomorrow.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Relist: Other
there have been two exchanges of additional information,( this is easter sunday ) you know, and Dr. Caroline probably has a life....I will wait for her response... please relist the question. thanks, XXXXX XXXXX


just got back from work.

Will e-mail later today.



Hi Chuck,

To go back to his ravenous appetite, if he appears to be over 10 years old, a total T 4 measurement would be good to obtain. If he was free roaming outdoors, I would just make sure he gets dewormed, even if the fecal flotation test is negative for worms. However, if this started on Megace, it might be the culprit.


As for the kitty interagression, best is to control the problem before it starts. Keeping him away from the other kitty is best right now. The medication can change his behavior, but may not stay that way once the medication has stopped. While on medication, he may realize, well this bunch is not that bad after all! However, cats are normally not pack animals, and may tolerate one another, but some won't. The MEGACE are synthetic progestins, and should not be used long term. There are possibilities of: profound adrenocortical suppression, adrenal atrophy, transient diabetes mellitus,(increased water consumption, increase urination) personality changes (that's what we are after), increased weight, mammary hypertrophy, neoplasias, and liver toxicity possible.


Plan for kitty to kitty aggression:

- Segregation.

-Gradual controlled reintroductions using a distance gradient. Reintroduce when positive income is likely (food reward, body harness).

-Bell on aggressor cat.

- Create an environment of plenty, multiple resources in multiple locations (climbing, perching, litters, etc).

-Use a common towel to rub cats each day with the idea of transferring scent.

- Feliway (Abbot) sprayed in environment (or the plug in, one is good for 600 square feet).

-Anti-anxiety medication as needed for fearful or anxious cat. Appropriate medication would be: Fluoxetine (Prozac), Paroxetine, Clomipramine. They need to be used over a month period as a minimum. This situation will not resolve overnight (I know you know this!).


Goals are:

-To have cats tolerate each other; they probably won't be best friends.

- It is critical to address the excessively fearful cat (could be your other kittys).

-Cats can stay aroused after an aggressive event for a long time, may need days to weeks of segregation prior to reintroductions.


Natural products you may also consider would be Nutricalm from Rx Vitamins (order through your primary care veterinarian). Acupuncture and Chinese Herbals according to his examination.


Hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions, or need additional information.


Hello to the gang!

Dr Caroline and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
that looks like a good check list to us... most are implemented already and will try the common towel... have been sharing combed out fur, but the towel is a great idea... we use Feliway already and it is having some good effect. Thanks for the warning on Megace.... don't plan more than the 8 day trial...

we will do the deworm asap, do you have a preferred method?

as to introducing Studs to the menagerie, our experience has demonstrated exactly what you say, some cats tolerate others, some form close relationships with one or two, but in general, the pack seems to end up adjusting their spaces now and then to make the world peaceful... we always provide at least two special places per cat, right now it is closer to three .... there is an enclosed outdoor area (about 800 sq feet) that they share pretty well... the alpha's tend to roam in the real outside, coming in at night.... and 4 or 5 are pure house cats....

I have confidence that with time and your suggestions, will try the herbal and natural, but don't currently have a cat acupuncturist up here, the house will once again be peaceful...

thanks again,

chuck and nan and the mob..

I like Panacur because it is large spectrum, it may cause vomiting on some cats. If not available, I would recommend pyrantel and praziquantel (Drontal).

Say hello to Nan and the whole kitty mob for me!


Dr Caroline and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
hi Dr. Caroline, an update on "Studs" the terror cat: after 22 months of patient work, he is totally integrated with the other 11 strays... a combination of Felaway, handling, just being hopeful, and the final weeks of gradual introductions face to face produced the result... he had been in the same room/yard enclosure with one or two of the calmest for about two weeks, then one day he stood at the gate and indicated he wanted into the house... nan decided that was the sign, let him in and absolutely nothing adverse happened... not even a snort or growl...

as usual, you were right on, thanks again for all the help over the years...

chuck, nan, and 13 (one still outside after 3 years...)