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Dr Pete
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My cat has an growth coming out of skin on back/neck area that

Resolved Question:

My cat has an growth coming out of skin on back/neck area that looks like a toothpick (approx 1/2 inch in lenght) that is sticking straight up. He also has very tiny little growths that you can pick off.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.
Hi Karen
Therre is three possibilities here
1. Skin tag or fibropapilloma. These are totally benign skin gowths that usually only get to about 1/2 inch maximum. In time they will often drop off with no treatement. On occasions we will remove them with a local anaesthetic, particularly if the patient rubs them or makes them bleed. But nothing to worry about,
2. Sebaceous secretion. Sometime secretion from one of the sebaceuous glands (oil glands) spears upwards instead of dissipating accross the skin. as it does so it dries up and becomes quite firm. It will be a creamish colour. If this is the case it will break off or pull out quite easily. If you are unsure you can vigorously wash it with soap and it should soften right up. If it starts to bleed then it will be a skin tag as above,
3. Foreign body. A thorn, cactus spine or splinter can imbed and sometimes look like a growth. This hould also remove fairly easily unless it's embedded deeply. Usually if this is the case the patient will raect when you handle it (like a splinter in yourself).
So see if you can assess it. The only one of these possibilities that would definitely require veterinary attention is a foreign body. I think the first possibility is most likely in that you have seen other similar protruberances.
I hope I have been of assistance.
Regards, Peter
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