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I put cortisone cream (thats for people)on my cats skin infection.

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I put cortisone cream (that's for people)on my cats skin infection. She has some hair loss and a red scab. I cleaned it 1st then put the oitment is that ok?
Hello and thanks for researching this very important question!

A bit of hydrocortisone cream is not any harm as long as your cat does not groom it off and swallow it. However, since your pet is not itchy, this treatment is not likely to help any.

If the skin is just scratched and infected, you can use some plain first aid ointment twice a day.

Cats can get ringworm fungus that looks like a bald circle where no injury had been before, so if this skin does not get better over the weekend, please call the vet to make an appointment to have it examined.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi thank you so much for your help I was very concerned about the cream and I had a feeling it would help her. I noticed that she really can't scratch it because it is on the spine of her back and she can't reach it,and I noticed last night she did try. So, apparently it is itching her. Can I catch what she has and or can people give it to cats.
Ringworm fungus lives outdoors...usually cats transport it indoors where people can "get" it from contact with their pets.

Ringworm is a bit itchy...not to the extent of a mosquito bite, but a bit.

Healing wounds can also tickle, but if you don't recall her having cut herself, do consider having the vet look at this spot on Monday if it doesn't improve with the antibiotic ointment this weekend.

If she seems very sensitive, you can use a dab of the hydrocortisone as well...for cats we just use the tiniest bit that will cover the spot, and not so much that it attracts her grooming instincts.

Let me know if there's anything else on your mind "Reply".
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