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our cat suddenly started moaning and walking in a low, crouched,

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our cat suddenly started moaning and walking in a low, crouched, stretched-out position and rolling on the floor
What color are his gums?

When did he last urinated?

How old is he?

Does he go in and out of the box?

Any vomiting?

If you press on his tummy does he seem painful?

What his last bowel movement normal? When was this?

Does he play with string? Eat things like toys or bones?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

gums are pink and dark brown

last urination about 3 hours ago

no vomiting

about 16 weeks old, Bengal breed

yes went in and out of box on his own

he is in pain but not sure if tummy; he is moaning constantly so it's difficult to tell if pressing someplace causes more pain.

Sometimes he is backing up, seems pain could be at rear or in tummy but could also be tail or spine; he is moaning more now and rolling around on floor, rubbing his head on things much more than usual

bowel movement 3 hrs ago, was normal

yes plays with anything - string, toys, balls but no toys or pieces seem to be missing and the balls are too large to ingest (ping pong size or larger)

seems may be dribbling a bit form anus but not detecting an odor

He keeps licking @ anus, tail

This was a stray orginally but has been inside cat for 8 weeks

we have three other cats with no symptoms

First I want to verify that this is a male cat and not a female cat. If this is actually a female then she may be showing signs of being in heat.

If this is a male then my concern is he may have either a urinary tract infection, less likely a blockage, or possibly a foreign body that is lodged in his stomach or intestines.

I am very concerned about this moaning and his hunched position. Another possible issue that is actually more pressing would be the possibility of him having thrown a blood clot from an undiagnosed heart condition. This is fairly common in male cats and he would need to be seen immediately if this were the case.

Without being there to see him it wouldn't be possible for me to tell you if this was an emergency or not. You will have to be the judge on this one but if he has heavy respirations, is constantly moaning then he is in pain and this could be something that needs to be addressed tonight.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

(embarrassing sigh) on closer inspection, maybe this is a female.... what we thought were testicles, might just be brown spots and we might be seeing a vagina.


The position is more stretched out than hunched; it is low to the floor but stretching his/her butt backward and slightly up, making the body very long. Then rolling on the floor.


No heavy respirations, just moaning, almost a growl especially when we handle him/her and/or press on belly etc.


Is this behavior normal for a young cat going into first heat?

This does sound like a cat that is in heat. You could also find that she is showing her backend to you and shaking her tail that is straight up in the air.

I can't guarantee anything since I cannot see her doing this but if she is otherwise normal by eating, drinking, playing and you can distract her with say some tuna then this might just be a cat in heat.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very, very much! I think you just saved us $300 at the animal hospital tonight.
You are very welcome.