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My cat has had bad breath (that smells like a dead animal)

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My cat has had bad breath (that smells like a dead animal) for several days now. He is still eating small amounts, drinking water regularly, no fever, but his third eyelids are closing slightly and I have not seen him use his litter box today. Do I need to take him into emergency?



Watch his litter habits closely. Make sure he is able to pee. If he is not peeing, then yes you need take him before Monday to be seen.


Really nasty breath is many times from dental problems, but there are more serious conditions that can cause it such as lung disease and kidney disease.

So this is something you need to get checked out this week.


If he is using the bathroom ok, then you can wait until Monday. If not, then take him tomorrow. Make sure he stays hydrated and nourished as you seem to be doing.


Sincerely, Micki

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I clicked on accept answer but had to use the back button to see answer again.

Has my account been charged for the first acceptance, or do I have to accept again

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No your fine. The accept was successful and I was notified of it, thank you very much.



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