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I have found small amounts of a red jellylike substance about

Resolved Question:

I have found small amounts of a red jellylike substance about the size of a quarter where my cat sleeps over the past few weeks? Do you have any idea where this could be coming from or what could be causing this? I have looked up on th internet and the only thing close could be a urinary tract infection (stating the substance could be pee mixed with blood) the substance i found I don't think is pee and has no odor - it looks like light pink jelly mixed with water?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr. P replied 8 years ago.
Hi melinda

Odorless jelly that is pink tinged: I would assume it is coming from her rear end. CHeck her BM's in the litter box. Mucous that is clear often is a sign of colon irritation. The cat usually doesn't have diarrhea but if you look closely at her BM's there is often a normally formed one with a mucous coating or mucous at one end of it. She may need some antibiotics and possibly bland food for a bit. To rule out a urine problem, confine her to a small room with a litter box with just a small amount of shredded paper. If there is blood in the urine then you have just caught a sample to be able to bring to your vet and it could be that the blood is coming from there. I would lean more towards a colitis though. If you can't figure it out then bring her in for a PE. Hope this helps
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for that - I have been checking his poops and they seem normal....quite smelly but normal and as for catching the pee I can surely give it a shot but my gut feeling is this is coming from him mouth and not his rear end. Is there anyway that he could be vommiting this up?? And if so what could be causing the pink like jelly?
Expert:  Dr. P replied 8 years ago.
vomit usually doens't look like jelly. Sometimes it looks like eggwhites. The pink is blood, just very dilute blood. Look for any sorts of wounds in the mouth. The thing is, if he is bleeding from the mouth then it is usually from an infected tooth or mouth ulcer both of which are very smelly. Plus whenever cats get oral issues one of the first things that they do is go off food.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I don't think he has a sore in his there anything that could be causing him to throw up this type of substance? All of your answers to me are common sense which i had already thought about - I guess i was trying to ask if you have heard or seen this type of problem in another cat before and what was the diagnoses.


The pink type jelly seems very abnormal to me so i was just wondering if you have seen or had this described to you before and what were the results?

Expert:  Dr. P replied 8 years ago.
yes i have seen the pink jelly before. 99% of the time it is coming from the colon. Even if the poops are normal sometime there will be jelly drips that come out afterwards. the other 1% of the time would be a vaginal infection.
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