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My cat is walking with her back hunched up, her tail is limp

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My cat is walking with her back hunched up, her tail is limp and her tail doesn't respond to any touch at all. She's moving slowly when she does move. She's almost 7, a Maine Coone and very healthy.


This is Dr. Christian. Perhaps you can give me a little more information. Is she an outdoor or indoor cat? Can she move her tail from side to side? Is there any swelling under the tail? Does she have a history of any other health problems or take medications?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She is mostly indoors. She hasn't been out in weeks and when she does go out she out maybe 15 min and comes in, she was indoors yesterday when this happened. She was fine in the afternoon and my son noticed her tail was "soft" last night. When I touched it, it appears limp. She doesn't seem to be able to move it but it looks normal, no swelling When I pet it she doesn't have any indication of it hurting. She doesn't have any health issues and isn't on any medication. Last night her breathing was shallow and quick but seems to be more normal this morning. I was petting her this morning and she was all laying there purring and happy but when trying to move is still hunched up, no movement in the tail and looks at me like she knows somethings wrong. I know that sounds weird, but I can see it in her eyes.
Pet owner are more in tune to their furry friends than anyone so I believe what you are saying. When a tail goes limp there is one of two possibilities, nerve damage or damaged blood supply. Nerve damage usually occurs during trauma such as the tail getting caught in something or a fracture. Sometimes this is painful sometimes not. I suspect the breathing issue may be pain. A blood clot rarely affects just the tail. I would recommend having her checked by your vet. If there is permanent damage to tail (you may not know that for several weeks) it is sometimes necessary to amputate the tail because it can become traumatized and injured very easily since the cat has no control over it. For example, getting caught in doors and covered in stool or urine. If you have more question let me know.
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