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One of my cats eyes is slowly changing color. His eyes have

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One of my cat's eyes is slowly changing color. His eyes have always been green, and the left eye now has more and more brown in it. Does that mean something is terribly wrong with him?
Hi Lisa,

Many middle age to older cats will start to get a pigment change in their iris. I tell my clients not to worry unless you see the color changed parts bulging or they don't look flat. Also if the pupil itself changes shape then that is reason for concern. As long as the eye looks comfortable and not irritated and red then I wouldn't rush in on an emergency. Have your vet look at it during his next PE or schedule one sooner if you are concerned. There are veterinary ophthalmalogists that can do a very detailed ocular exam. This color change has happened in my 7 year old male. It's been that way for at least 2 years and he's not bothered by it.
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