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Dr Caroline
Dr Caroline, Veterinarian
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Experience:  20 yrs of cat dog practice, general practice, emergency, certified in veterinary acupuncture 2006
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My cat is drooling, wont eat or drink a bit disorientated

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My cat is drooling, wont eat or drink a bit disorientated and her fur looks funny and bad breath. My roommate is in poor health and concerened he could get sick from her.


from the symptom you describe, It is not possible to tell if the kitty has an infection that could be passed on to your roommate. The symptoms are sever enough to warrant a visit top your primary care veterinarian today, or to the ER.


Drooling could be from nausea, or mouth lesions.

Her bad breath may indicate she has gum disease, dental disease, or a uremic breath from kidney failure (infection, stones/crystals, cancer)/severe dehydration (any severe disease) and she might even have ulcers in her mouth from it. Some kitty with diabetes ketoacidosis may have a fruity breath.


Let me know if you have additional questions or need additional information.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Is there any thing I can try at home, money is an issuie for a vet especialy on Sunday



I am sorry, but there is nothing you can do at home right now. She needs medical attention. Just keep her quiet and seek veterinary care as soon as you can. Feed her canned food in case her mouth is sore, leave water at all time out for her, and keep her away from your roommate.


Check for anything she could have gotten into, toxins, medication, anything else. Won't help her right now, but may help her treatment further down the road. Do not, absolutely do not give her aspirin or tylenol, or any over the counter medication. These are toxic for cats and may worsen any problem she may have right now. Do not let her outdoors.


I will wish for the best.

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