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Can house cats eat People food

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Can house cats eat "People" food?
Hello there,
It's not as though house cats, or any cats for that matter, "can't" eat the food you and I eat. It's just not really advisable. Being a vet I have seen plenty of cats over the years who share good with their owners. Many of these cats are healthy, a good weight and generally don't have problems. However, you increase the risk of potential issues when you feed people food to pets. Many people will commonly feed tuna to their cats. This is ok as an occasional treat, but it approaches junk food status for cats. Use only in moderation much like we are supposed to do with our own junk food.

Some things that people commonly want to feed their cats aren't good for cats. One example is milk. Kittens can handle milk pretty well, but adult cats become lactose intolerant, so milk can give them diarrhea. There is really no nutritional benefit to giving your cat milk. It's really more of a treat, like tuna, and again can cause GI problems.

Cats are carnivores, meaning they eat meat. This does not mean you need to feed them steak and hamburger and chicken, etc. You can give your cat a condition called pancreatitis by feeding people food, especially meat products. The pancreas gets inflamed and causes vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, not eating, all the signs of illness. This can be life-threatening.

So, in general it is advisable not to feed your cat your own food. Everything they need is in commercial cat food for proper nutrition. My cats (and dog) do not get my food unless it happens to drop accidentally to the floor. I know because I've seen what can happen to cats and dogs fed people food like obesity, pancreatitis, urinary tract infections and problems and all the diseases that come along with obesity like diabetes, so I don't feed it to them.

Hope this information helps.
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