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Is ibuprofen safe for cats I am giving my cat Infant Motrin

Customer Question

Is ibuprofen safe for cats? I am giving my cat Infant Motrin for her arthiritis according to the baby weight instructions, and am hoping this is ok because it has made a tremendous difference helping her pain management.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr Caroline replied 8 years ago.


to better assist you, can you tell me how many mg of ibuprofen are you giving?

Have you been giving this everyday?

And for how long?

Did your veterinarian tell you she has arthritis?

Which joints are affected?

Ibuprofen is toxic to cats, even more then for dogs.

Let me know, and we can discuss other therapies that are better for kitties then ibuprofen.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have given her 1.25 mL only for the last two days (once a day). She has not had x-rays or anything so I am not sure, but I think it's her hips. I had used this site a few days ago and described her symptoms and another vet told me she PROBABLY had arthritis as she is 12 years old and stopped jumping all of a sudden. Once I gave her the Motrin, she started jumping again. I thought it would be safer than acetamephin. I am also giving her fish oil because a gentleman at the pharmacy told me that helped his cat's arthritis. When I only give her the fish oil though it doesn't help her like the Motrin does. I should state that the Vet I talked to did not suggest I give the cat Motrin; I decided that on my own.

Expert:  Dr Caroline replied 8 years ago.

Hi, definitely do not give her the acetaminophen, that is extremely toxic to cats.

How much fish oil are you giving her?

Cats are very sensitive to the effect of NSAID(non steroidal anti inflammatory) then dogs and humans. There are not a lot of NSAID approved for use in cats.

NASAID can cause kidney/liver and gastro intestinal ulcers.

I would stop at once the ibuprofen, and see your veterinarian. You may have already caused some kidney damage. They may put your kitty on gastric protectants.

There are no safe anti inflammatory at the human pharmacy that are safe to use in cats.

Your kitty may have arthritis, or maybe another disease process requiring other type of medication, or treatment approach.


It is better to see your primary care veterinarian, to first check that you have not caused any problem with ibuprofen, make sure she really has arthritis, and discuss your treatment options if this is the case: meloxicam intermittently, adequan injections, fish oil, glucosamine supplements, acupuncture, physical therapy, other.


Let me know if you have more questions, or if you need additinal information.

If this is useful to you, do not forget to push the accept button.




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am giving her 1 1200 mg of fish oil. I just squeeze the oil from the capsul so she may not be getting the full 1200 mg each time. I only do this once per day, My cat is not a fan of fish, oddly enough, so I try not to torture her too much. I will definitely stop giving her the motrin and take her to get checked out. Am I not giving her enough fish oil?
Expert:  Dr Caroline replied 8 years ago.

About fish oils:

The appropriate dose is still somewhat controversial but the ratio of EPA (eicosapentenoic acid) to DHA (docosahexenoic acid) should be 3:2.


They should receive for a 5 to 10 pound cat:

160 mg EPA and 104 mg DHA per day.


So check how much of EPA and DHA is in the fish oil you have, you are probably giving way too much.

There are some products on the market better dosed for cats.