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Dr.Cliff, Cat Veterinarian
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my cats fur is turning orange... why

Resolved Question:

my cat's fur is turning orange... why?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr.Cliff replied 8 years ago.
Dear Fairy,
Is it the ENTIRE coat?
If so, this often occurs as a cat matures. For example, it can occur in a kitten that is becoming a young adult, or even occur as an adult ages. As long as there's no hair loss, skin lesions (like redness, scabs, or pimples), or discomfort, I wouldn't worry about it.
If your cat is licking its coat so frequently that it is causing this color change, it may be due to allergies, such as atopy (allergies to inhaled allergens, like dust, pollens, etc) or a food allergy. If it is around the bum region, it is possible the cat's anal glands need to be expressed or emptied. Lastly, it could be psychogenic or a behavioural problem.
Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The color change is only on his stomach. My first thought was too much beta carotene in his diet so i've changed foods, but it's not going away... he also gained quite a bit of weight at the same time... could they be connected? There was no hair loss, and has been no excessive grooming.
Expert:  Dr.Cliff replied 8 years ago.
Dear Fairy,

Thanks for the reply. That is an important clue you gave me. If it's occurring just on the stomach, I believe it's because your cat is excessively licking his tummy and therefore staining the fur there.
The alternative would be that the weight gain (depending on how much he gained) has actually prevented him from properly reaching his tummy and therefore the color change may simply be a lack of cleanliness on his belly. Is he lazing around (especially on a dirty floor or surface)?
My feeling, though, is that he is overgrooming, even if you are not witnessing it.
I would ensure a vet checks his anal glands as this is often overlooked as a cause for overgrooming in cats. If his anal glands are normal, I would consider a food elimination trial for 8-12 weeks with a special hypoallergenic diet that you should get ONLY through your vet.
Lastly, as I mentioned in my first post, there is a strong possibility that this may be a "normal" fur color change, especially if you are 100% certain that he is not overgrooming.
Please keep me posted.
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