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Cher, Feline Specialist
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5 yr old male indoor cat suddenly hiding under bed have tried

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5 yr old male indoor cat suddenly hiding under bed have tried feeding him some canned food to get him to eat only ate a little. Took him to vet Monday. no fever, wbc was 30,000 vet said normal was 18,000. Gave him fluid therapy, b-12 and an antiobotic inj. Baytril tabs sent home. Meds given as perscribed cat did fine for 2 days, X-mas eve and today hiding again and will not eat? some pawing at face? What is going on?? what could be wrong??

From your description, it's possible that your cat has an oral infection, either an abscessed tooth, infected gums or sores in his mouth (stomatitis). Because he's pawing at his face, this indicates that it's bothering him in that area. A sinus problem is also possible, as everything is 'connected' internally, and an infection in a tooth or gum may move up into the sinus cavity or vice versa.

The elevated WBC indicates infection of some kind, in his body, so all the treatments he's been given so far, are appropriate, but the fact that he won't eat may be due to discomfort in his mouth, or his generally not feeling well. A hiding cat is a cat in pain and/or feeling poorly.

Put a call in to your vet to report your cat's most recent symptoms, since he was seen, and he might have to be seen again. For the moment, it's important that he eats and drinks, of course, so if you are able, dropper feed him on the opposite side of his mouth from where he's pawing (if he's only pawing at one side); use a 1 cc sized dropper and go slowly. Water down canned cat food and/or plain jarred baby food chicken (no seasonings, onion or garlic) and give him 1 dropperful every 20 minutes for an hour, then repeat in 2-3 hours, if he's still not eating on his own. Also, if he's not drinking on his own, dropper feed him water in the same way; alternate with the food. If you're sure he's not diabetic, give him children's clear pedialyte, as he's most likely dehydrated again. You can also rub a drop of Karo syrup, maple syrup or honey on his gums, as he's hypoglycemic if he's not eating.

I hope this problem is resolved for your furry boy, very soon, and he's feeling back to himself!


Cher and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
could this possibly be something more worrisome or just an infection. Could it be fatal?
Hi again,

It would be difficult to predict how serious this could be, but your vet who's treating your cat, should be able to give you some indication, perhaps after more testing. What concerns me, is that a high wbc could indicate a cancerous condition, and I'm only mentioning this, not to alarm you, but just to inform, and you can ask the vet about this possibility.

The most important thing, now, is of course, to find the cause of the elevated wbc, and treat it, but also, to get nutrition into him. When cats don't eat for even a short period of time, they risk liver damage from a condition called hepatic lipidosis.

Would you please keep me updated on how your boy is doing? Thanks!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
just gave him water bowl under bed he did drink a little. He did urinate and deficate in am after pulling him out from under the bed to give him his med. Please help, my cats are my babies. accepting answer in good faith that you will get back to me. Will call vet asap when he opens tomorrow thank you!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i will thank you!
Hello again, and thanks very much for your reply, your accept and generous bonus.

I'm glad that he drank a little when you put the water bowl under the bed, and that he did eliminate in the morning.

Except for making sure you're getting some nutrition into him and fluids (water), there's nothing further you can do, except what you're doing already, and then you'll speak to your vet, tom'w.

Hopefully, the antibiotics will start to kick in and knock out any infection in his system. Baytril is a strong antibiotic, but ask your vet if he could be having any adverse reaction to it, as not all medications are good for all cats. Some have sensitivities. I just want to be sure that his non-eating is not related to the antibiotic.

Let me know what the vet tells you on Friday, alright? Thanks!

Cher (just click 'reply' on here, to let me know)
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did take him back to the vet, he did x-rays. he found his stomach to be abnormal. He beleves it is either pid or tumors. Did blood work to test for pid I am hoping to hear results soon, he also changed his med. but my baby still is not acting right so I am going to keep him as comfortable as possible and fear the worst. The vet said either way it does not look good.
Hello again, and thanks for your update on your kitty.

I'm sorry that he's still not acting like himself, and hope the results of the blood work will be encouraging, but I understand your worry, if the vet said it doesn't look good. Continue what you're doing, to keep him as comfortable as possible, and I send you and your furry boy my best thoughts and wishes for a good outcome.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The vet believed it to be FIP he was not getting better was vomiting and had trouble walking, I decided it would be best to not be selfish and to hold on to make him suffer. I gave him back to Jesus, I will see him again one day when it is my time to go to heaven.


Thank you for all of your help, Tara

Hi again, Tara, and thanks for your update, albeit with very sad news.

I'm so sorry for your loss and extend my heartfelt condolences; you did make the right decision, out of love, and he's no longer in any pain. You will see him one day, again, and I hope this will help in some small way, to ease your grief:


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