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Dr. Scarlett
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My cat has a very large sore next to his anus. It is oozing.

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My cat has a very large sore next to his anus. It is oozing. I have no idea when or how he got this, but he has been sleeping a lot and not eating much.
It sounds like your cat may have an anal gland abscess. The anal glands are located at about 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock around the anus. Normally a little of the scent liquid is expressed when a cat defecates, but sometimes the glands can get plugged. If that happens you may notice the cat scooting his butt across the floor, trying to express the glands, or maybe licking more at his back end. If an anal gland is impacted it can become infected and then open up onto the skin to drain. This is likely the large, oozing sore you are seeing.

If your cat allows you, try putting a warm, moist washcloth on the area. You can also clean it gently with hydrogen peroxide. Tomorrow I would take your cat to the vet as he will need antibiotics to clear it up. The vet will also probably try to express both anal glands at that time, too.

Let me know if you have other questions.
Dr. Scarlett
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you. That makes sense. I have noticed a faint odor from his rear for a while now. He is not a cat who likes to be examined at home. I will bring him in tomorrow to have it looked at. What is involved in the expressing the glands? Is it painful for him?
Yes, I'd have to say anal gland expression can be painful, particularly in a cat (small anus, big fingered vet) and one with an anal gland abscess. Your vet may just start your cat on antibiotics first, then have you return for an expression or he/she may recommend sedating your kitty so the glands can be fully expressed and the abscessed one flushed thoroughly. I'd recommend not feeding your cat tomorrow morning, just in case they opt to sedate him.
Dr. Scarlett