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my 6 month old kitten has not eaten but a few bites for two

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my 6 month old kitten has not eaten but a few bites for two days, vomited twice today and is very warm. he has been very lethargic. i have a 2 day business trip but am thinking i need to cancel so i can take him to vet? what are your thoughts?

A kitten that hasn't eaten in 2 days and is vomiting is sick and needs to be seen by a vet. One thing that is important to check for particularly in young cats is a string caught around the base of the tongue. It is deadly if not discovered early.


There are other causes of vomiting and not eating also. Blood work and/or other diagnostic tests may be needed to get the diagnosis and figure out treatment. The vet visit needs to occur sooner rather than later as you already guessed.


Let me know if you have follow up questions.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thank you so much. I wondered if I can ask a few quick follow up questions....


1. I brought him in to the vet about a week ago for his follow up shots (the series of shots - rabies and was his second time)


2. At the visit, the vet said he had an ear infection. I have been giving him his drops, could this be a bad reaction as well?

It could be a bad reaction, but it is more likely to be that the pus kept the drug from reaching the bacteria to kill them. It helps to clean the ears before treating because antibiotics and drugs in the drops can not penetrate the goo.


If you still have the drops, they might help if you use them after cleaning the ears. If using them still seems to make the problem worse, a reaction is likely.