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Dr Scott Nimmo
Dr Scott Nimmo, Small Animal Veterinarian.
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How long does it take for cats to recuperate from spaying

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How long does it take for cats to recuperate from spaying procedure?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Age: 5; Female; Breed: cat/calico

Already Tried:
just observation and seeing to it that she is comfortable.
Thanks very much for the question Sallie.

I have been in small animal practice for twenty eight years and have spayed a great many cats over that period. I have also dealt with any problems related to the procedure plus normal follow ups.

In direct answer to your question : In my experience most cats who have been spayed are more or less normal forty eight hours after the operation. The vast majority would be moving easily and be bright, alert and eating.

Like any operation complications are possible, these might include :

1. Complications during surgery like abdominal bleeding from the ovarian blood vessels not being tied off properly. { such things are rare }

2. Infection following surgery { again rare }

3. A minority of cats show post operative pain.

If I have not answered your question fully enough or if you would like to ask more I will be on line for the next hour or so and I will be pleased to discuss your question further.

Scott Nimmo BVMS
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She is just 5 months old. Spaying was this morning and I picked her up around 3 pm. She will not come out from under the bed and will not drink water when offered. I'm afaid she will become dehydrated.
Hello again Sallie,

It is quite normal she should be like this on the day of the operation, after all it will all have been quite stressful for her. It is very unlikely she will dehydrate over a 24 hour period.

Just give her some time and space to recover and make sure she is warm and comfortable. Leave food and water within reach and you might want to try a special treat such as chicken or sardines.

More than likely she will be much more herself tomorrow ..


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