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what do I need to do to take my cat to Japan. I am from Ja

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what do I need to do to take my cat to Japan. I am from Japan.

Did you acquire your cat here? Are you flying from the U.S. to Japan, or from another country to Japan?

Is your cat up to date on her shots and fully vaccinated?

Does she have a rabies and proof of vaccination tag to wear on a collar?

What airline are you flying?

Thanks for any additional detail.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes, I got here in Idaho, USA. I will be flying to Japan as I am returning home after being a student her.


She is spayed and fully vaccinated. She has a proof of rabies tag to wear on her collar, but I have a certificate as proof of her vaccination from my vet.


I haven't decided, I want her with me in the plane. Is one airline better than another for this?


I thank you for help Jessesmom.

Hi again, and you're most welcome. Thank you for your details.

I'm researching this information for you, now, so I appreciate your patience. It's best to have her in the plane with you, in a carrier, as the cargo area for pets can be too cold or too hot and you can't monitor her, as when she's with you. If she gets very stressed in her carrier or during travel, you can discuss sedating her with your vet, but since the trip to Japan is quite a long one, (and I assume you're flying non-stop, or changing planes?) it's not good to keep her sedated for too long.

Please tell me which airlines you are considering, and I'll check out their regulations, re: traveling with a cat. It varies from one airline to another.

Are you landing in Tokyo or another city?

Hi again,

The following information re: traveling with your cat, from American Airlines will be helpful:

Specifically, flying to Japan:

"Due to USDA restrictions that an animal be offered water every 12 hours, checked pets must be booked on flights where the actual flight time is less than 12 hours. The Japanese government also requires you to notify Japanese Animal Quarantine Service at least 40 days prior to arrival. The pet must be fitted with a microchip. Additional documents and certificates are also required. Contact Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for full information. Also, has information regarding traveling to Japan. CLICK HERE"

As you can see, your cat will need to get a microchip from her vet, for identification purposes. You can get further information re: vaccination requirements (I think you're ok with those, but the time of the vaccinations, before leaving, is important), and quarantine rules by clicking on the link at the site above.

Here is information for Japan Airlines:

You should also contact the Japanese Consulate by phone, mail or email
to make sure you understand all the rules and regulations before making your reservations and preparing your cat for travel. If you have a Consulate or Embassy in your city, going in person, to speak to someone, is also a good idea.

I hope this information has been helpful, and please let me know if you need any additional info.

Good luck on your trip back to Japan with your kitty!

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