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cat: canned food and water - very lethargic..shots last week..Spayed.

Customer Question

Took female cat (3 yrs) to vet today - did not come home for 2 days - stayed out - didn't eat until today slight amount of canned food and water - very lethargic. All shots last week during yearly visit. Spayed. Got her finally and took her to emergency - 105.2 temp - some hardness in abdomen - heart murmer - took lots of tests and results will be back tomorrow - the one thing they said today was that one of the tests showed fat in her blood. I've never heard of that - have you?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  LennyDVM replied 8 years ago.

I hope your kitter feels better soon.


The fat in her blood is called lipemia. Lipo- means fat. -emia means in the blood.


Lipemia is common for up to 12 hours after an animal eats. It is also common in some diseases including liver disease, not eating for a while, incomplete digestion, diabetes, pancreatitis and hyperadrenocorticism or corticosteroid administration.


The blood tests may indicate a reason or it could be because she wasn't eating.


The fever is significant and probably indicates an infection. Some cats get a fever after vaccinations. 105-106 is a typical range for fever in cats. Normal cat temperature is 101-102.5 F.


The ultrasound should indicate if the murmur is significant and if there is a heart problem. The blood tests will look for indications of infection and anemia (complete blood count), liver and kidney function, electrolyte levels calcium etc (serum chemistry screen), feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and immunodeficiency viruses (FIV). They may well also do a urinalysis, which would give information on the kidneys, urine and bladder.


Once the results are back, they can be analyzed in relation to the physical exam findings to determine what is not a problem (rule out diseases) and what might be a problem (differential diagnosis list). From there, other tests might be indicated if the diagnosis is not clear or a diagnosis may indicate what treatment is required.


Once you get the results of the tests, I'd be happy to help interpret them. Until then, anything is a guess and more likely to increase confusion than clarify the problem. They are hydrating her with IVs, which she probably needs after a couple days out.


If you have other info or I can help with followup questions let me know.


LennyDVM and 2 other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks so much for the comprehensive answer - much more than I expected. Will definately get back if I have more questions.

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