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AthenaRVT, RVT, licensed in the state of Ca
Category: Cat
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Experience:  AS Degree, ER Nurse, Orthopedic Nurse, 10 Years Experience, Exclusive Work at Feline Only Hospitals
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cat: im fostering 7 all from the same litter ...they where 3 weeks old

Customer Question

how can I tell the age of young cat. im fostering 7 all from the same litter . I was told they where 3 weeks old. but they just yesterday their little teeth broke though their gums , and they still walk all spread out on the floor one of them got the hang of standing on his feet.. but he falls over when he tries to walk ..
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  AthenaRVT replied 8 years ago.
Kittens usually get their first set of teeth at about three to four weeks of age. Teeth are the best indicator of age. About two to four months of age they will start to lose their baby teeth. Teeth are actually how most vets determine the age for animals.