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My cats eyes have changed - she looks cross-eyed, and almost

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My cat's eyes have changed - she looks cross-eyed, and almost like she can't open her eyes all the way. She is a little over 2 years old, and is an indoor cat.

Do your cats eye/eyelids look swollen at all?

Do you see any redness inside her eyes and/or on the whites of her eyes?

How is she acting? Is she eating, drinking, eliminating and active, as usual? Is she pawing at her eyes or trying to rub them on the floor, as if they bother her?

Does her vision seem to be affected?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I don't think her eyes or lids are swollen. They also do not seem red. Acting different - confounding variable - we got a kitten a couple of weeks ago. Her behavior is different. She is eating and drinking - appetite may be a little decreases. Seems to be drinking and eliminating as usual. She also seems more active since she got a "friend". Plays more and runs around the house more. Also is more affectionate - she now sleeps on the bed because the kitten sleeps on the bed. The eyes do not seem to be bothering her (don't seem to itch - not rubbing them). Can't really tell about vision. She is getting around just fine, but looks like she is squinting.

Hello again, and thanks for your reply with additional information and for your patience.

I'm glad to hear her eyes are not swollen or red at all, but her squinting may be due to an irritant she was exposed to in her environment (spray air freshener, hairspray, etc.) and it's causing some discomfort in her eyes. As far as the eyes being crossed, she may have a weak muscle issue, and this would have to be investigated further through an in-person exam by the vet, or veterinary ophthalmology specialist.

I'm glad you got her a 'friend' and they're getting along well, but if you just noticed this symptom with her eyes, today, it's possible that she got scratched or injured in/near her eyes while they were playing.

For the moment, continue to monitor her behavior, eating, eliminating, etc., and bring her in for an evaluation by the vet, ASAP, to get a diagnosis on her eyes and then, treatment, if needed.

I hope all will be well with your furry girl!

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