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Can a cat deliver one kitten & have more a week or two later

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We adopted this pregant ferel cat. She will come into our screen porch to be fed & loved but always wants out. She lives in the woods somewhere. Today she came to our porch carrying a kitten 7-10 days old. I had been showing her a nice big cozy box lined with soft towels. She has her kitten in there and is nursing it regularly. But, she still has a very big and lumpy tummy. Could she have delivered one kitten and the rest are coming later? Please advise asap. Thanks, Susan

Hi Susan,


Cats have two uterine horns so mommy can have kittens in each.The nursing by the baby should bring on further contractions so you want to encourage that. Also allow her to eat the afterbirth as that brings on contractions as well

It can actually take 30 hours or more for a cat to complete a four kitten(average) delivery. When she is done she will want to eat as they feel starved. She CAN have more up to 30 hours later.

A cats appetite is the best barometer of her health because if they are sick or in pain, they will not eat.

The baby happy and nursing indicates she is producing good milk.

I would not worry unless she appears upset,has pale gums, seems in pain, has an odorous discharge or another several hours goes by with obvious labor and no production of babies. Otherwise she should be fine.

Sometimes cats can develop uterine infection, the symptoms are:

pain, fever, odorous discharge, in appetite and pale gums.

As long as you do not see any of those symptoms she is ok

Please let me know how everyone is doing .I will always be here for you.

Best of luck with your blessed event

Warmest wishes,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Terri,

Thanks so much for getting back to me quickly. This cat seemed to be in labor about 8 days ago. Panting and crying and she wanted out and headed for the woods. We didn't see her for about 15 hrs. When I did see her she was still very pregant looking and I was sure she did not have her kittens. I was so surprised to see her bring this kit to us today. Her tummy feels like she still has kittens in there. Is it possible that she could deliver more? Her kitten has it's eyes open and it moves around clumsily. I'm guessing 7-10 days. Could it be much less than that and the others are coming?

Hi there,


Since she goes out and cats have two uterine horns and dont ovulate til they mate AND a cat can have babies from a mating a week later - it is a remote possibility she could have more.


You may be feeling a swollen uterus or retained afterbirths or even dead kittens.(God forbid


As long as she is eating and acting normal she is ok BUT if she developes a discharge, gets pale gums or stops eating and nursing she should be seen.


Go look in the woods ..........cats cant count - see if she forgot any. Try your best to keep her indoors so you can watch her.


I hope all will be well so please let me know how everyone is doing,




Terri and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Terri,

I wrote to you yesterday about the ferel cat we adopted that brought us a kitten & I think is still pregnant. Well, I did as you suggested and I searched the woods but it's very dense & I didn't see anything. I fed the Mom cat and afterwards I brought her out to where she normally heads into the woods. She went in and didn't come back for 30 min. I had to think she was in there nursing more kittens. Her behavior was strange in the house too. She kept looking for quiet, dark places and roaming as if she just had to find someplace quickly to have more kittens. I decided to put her out again & see. After a few minutes she went into the woods and 2 min later came out with another kitten. Now we have twins! I am still not sure we are done yet. When she takes a break from nursing and she's eaten yet again (very hungry cat) she still is roaming around the house as if she is looking for something. I would say she is stressed or agitated. I think we might have a third kitten still out there. What do you think? I thought you might like to know about the second kitten.. Any ideas? Do you think I may be right?

Thanks, Susan [email protected]


'Oh I am thrilled that you found a second kitten! Keep letting mom search for more a cats cannot count. There may be a third ...................or even more!!


Let me know what happens.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Terri,

She brought home a's triplets! I think I heard the cries of a fourth when she went and got #3. The good thing is the cries can be heard from my lanai. If there is more and they cry, I will be listening and can alert Mom. She has suddenly slimmed down considerably and I no longer think she has more kits inside. Guess it was just her stretched out uterus. She eats as much as a dog and seems very healthy, so I do not think there are any infections to worry about. I have been giving her skim milk with her meals and water. Someone said milk is not good for her. She does not seem to have any problems from drinking it, such as diarrhea. Should I keep giving it to her or should I switch to whole milk or no milk at all? Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it so much. I was so worried! Susan

Hi Susan,


O WOW Triplets!! Keep looking as there can be more.You want to get all of them so they wont starve


As long as mom does not have diarrhea she can have milk. Skim is fine or even goats milk if you can get it in a health food store.Whole milk will cause loose stools so dont give her that.


You are doing a fabulous job May God bless you!!!


Huggs and love to all,


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