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Can a male cat eat sardines that have skin and bones Are sardines

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Can a male cat eat sardines that have skin and bones? Are sardines good for a cat who has a form of IBS that manifests itself in food allergies?

Sardines are fine for a TREAT, but they should not be given as the primary source of nutrition for any cat - as they lack many of the nutrients that are necessary for a cat to have a healthy life, especially really should be cooked and fed sparingly. so, keep sardines to a MINIMUM. If you are wanting to feed a raw/natural diet, I can can offer one piece of information that you may find helpful. A few years ago I had a breeder friend with a boy that had chronic diarrhea. No matter what they tried, they could not get him over the loose stool. Testing was totally clean and no matter what food they tried, he still had lose stool. What finally cleared up the problem was putting him on a raw meat diet. The cat is the only 'true' domestic carnivore there is, and he was unable to handle ANYTHING other than raw meat and the supplements to go in the mix. Here's a link to the product they used. The supplements are important to ensure the cat gets all the nutrients, but this may be something you want to look into before going and spending a lot of money on further testing. She used rabbit with him, but of course that isn't mandatory. - other good things that came out of the raw diet was that he ate VERY little. They process everything they take in, so there is no filler and they don't need to eat as much. Everything is utilized. Secondly, there is hardly ANY waste in the litter box - again - because there is no filler food, there is very little waste. She would make up food on the weekend, freeze it in icecube trays and thaw out 2 cubes in the morning and 2 in the evening for him. Some vets frown on raw diets for cats - however, raw diets are really the closest to the perfect food for cats that you can get. United States zoos feed all of their felines raw food and they have the healthiest cats overall in the world.


Please let me know if I can help further. I think you are on the right track with the food, but need to go just a little further with it.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.


Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX helpful BUT can I feed a male cat sardines with bones and skin .. It's the bones that I am concerned about. He eats 1 1/4 can of IVD Lamb wet food and he has gained a lot of weight. I want to cut down the IVD to one can and add the sardines to his food because he is always starving, and eats paper when he is hungry..not good!!If he does well with skin and bones(if he can have skin and bones) then I might try a raw diet for part of his diet..He eats four times a day in small portions and he is a big cat who is young and overweight. I'll check out the website that you mentioned.

Since humans eat sardines in their entirety - including the bones - your boy shouldn't have any trouble digesting them either. Sardine bones are very soft (I'm assuming you are referring to canned sardines). I don't think I would give him sardines on a daily basis. He would get much more nutritional benefit from some cooked chicXXXXX XXXXXvers or chicken breast. Some cats don't seem to be able to tolerate large amounts of fish, and develop urinary problems from it as well as skin problems, so again, moderation is the key when feeding the sardines. I'm also attaching another link for you from a vet that studies feline nutrition and she has canned info that may help get his weight under control.


Please let me know how things go!

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