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AthenaRVT, RVT, licensed in the state of Ca
Category: Cat
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Experience:  AS Degree, ER Nurse, Orthopedic Nurse, 10 Years Experience, Exclusive Work at Feline Only Hospitals
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My 7 year old cat has a very loose tooth in the front. What

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My 7 year old cat has a very loose tooth in the front. What should I do? He seems not to be bothered by it
Is it dangeling loose or just a little loose?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
dangling loose I would now I only see 1/2 the either slit into the gum or it bent really weird! It's one of the long teeth
Can you take a flash light and get a really good look to see if where the tooth is broken the gumline, above the gumline...root pulled out etc?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
so i looked the tooth is still in the socket in the gum...but I can move it back and forth like crazy...oh I just saw that the back part of his tooth is brown and disconnected from the gum. So it seems that the backpart is disconnected from the gum and the front is still on...I don't see any root! I hope this makes sense to youUndecided
It sounds like it may have broken then above the gum line. If this is the case your vet will have to actually drill out the root. The root cannot be left in his jaw because it will cause a huge infection and the only way to get it out is with a drill. So the tooth itself may totally break off but the root will be left behind and that's where the problem will start.

So if it's possible he will need to see the vet sometime this week and have the tooth and root taken out.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok, I'll make an appointment tomorrow....last question you think he has a lot of pain?? I feel really bad for him
If the tooth is brown then that means the root may already be dead,,,so no pain...but if the root is alive he may feel some discomfort.

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