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My cat has been biting her fur off her legs and scratching ...

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My cat has been biting her fur off her legs and scratching herself so badly with her back legs that she has scabs all along her neck...fleas are not an issue. Do cats get eczema?
Good Morning!
Have you changed her food recently?
What food does she eat?
Any stress in the household, a move, new pet, roommate, etc?
Does she go outdoors?
Is the fur matting at all, or greasy in appearance?

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for your help. We feed the cats Iams regular food and have done so for about 3 years. Each cat also gets about 1 1/2 Tbsp of wet food (friskies fish flavor) each morning. We have a total of 6 cats, the last two being acquired last December. No new additions since them. Ele is 14 yrs. old, the "matriach" and order is well-established among the cats; the others play among themselves but do not bother her except to groom together.   Ele (the itchy kitty) occasionally goes out on the deck and sits in the sun, but she does not go in the yard much. her fur does not mat; it is actually thinning a LOT and she almost looks moth-eaten...especially where she chews on her back haunches. Her hair is not greasy; more dry, brittle, comes out easily. Thanks for your help. dawn
Good Afternoon,

First I would try switching to a food that contains no corn or corn products. Cats can develop allergies to corn at anytime, even if they have been eating it all their life. Since fleas are not an issue, this is where I would go first. If it does not help, a trip to the vet to rule out things like mange and ringworm would be the next step, and lastly it could be from stress or anxiety. A product called Good Cat can be purchased at Petco to help alleviate anxiety. It is like a St. John's wort for your cat and will not harm the others.

I hope this helps!
Please let me know if you wish to discuss further.

Warmest Wishes,
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