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The use of lavender on cats to prevent fleas

Resolved Question:

A friend has told me that lavender can be used to prevent fleas on cats.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 9 years ago.

Lavender oil is potentially toxic to cats, so even though you've heard it can be a natural way to prevent fleas on cats, I wouldn't use it, due to the possible toxicity.
Essential Oils Potentially Toxic to Cats
(This list is not all-inclusive)

    * Peppermint
    * Lemon Oil
    * Lavender Oil
    * Melaleuca Oil
    * Tea Tree Oil
    * Cinnamon Bark Oil
    * Wintergreen Oil
    * Thyme Oil
    * Birch Oil
    * Other oils containing phenol

Treating your cat with a traditional monthly topical flea treatment, purchased from your vet, like Advantage, Frontline, or Revolution, is your best bet, to eliminate fleas effectively (don't use any other brands of flea remedy from the pet store or supermarket, as they're not effective and also have had very serious adverse effects on cats). Also, your home/yard will have to be treated, as well, so the cycle is broken and you'll see no more fleas within a couple of months, if you treat both the cat and the environment. A professional exterminator who specializes in fleas, like Fleabusters, if you live in the USA, is your best best. I've used them, and they're very good.

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