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Jes the Vet Tech
Jes the Vet Tech, Licensed Vet Tech (LVT)
Category: Cat
Satisfied Customers: 568
Experience:  Licensed Veterinary Tech with 8 years of experience, mom to 16 cats :-)
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My cat is breathing really hard with her tongue sticking ...

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My cat is breathing really hard with her tongue sticking out like a dog (panting). She usually does this after running around, but now that its hot its happening even when shes just laying around. Could there be something wrong with her?
Hi there! If your cat is acting perfectly fine otherwise and is not constantly panting, it could be just a response to heat. Cats (and dogs) cool themselves by panting.

However, if your cat is acting sick, vomiting, not eating or drinking, etc., panting can be a sign of illness. Here is a link to explain many reason for seeing a cat panting excessively:

If you have any question in your mind that your cat may be ill, do not hesitate to contact your vet (or the nearest 24 hour ER vet) to have an exam done.

I hope this helps you! Best of luck, I hope your kitty is OK!
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