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Missy Zane
Missy Zane, Many years as cat sitter & rescuer
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Vomiting in my 14 year old diabetic cat

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My diabetic cat was vomiting from about 5 o'clock yesterday until about 11 last night. At 5 this morning he vomited again. He has since eaten very little, but is drinking some water. He seems to be feeling very ill, but has gone outside for a while with me, and since coming in this afternoon has been sleeping. I have given no insulin since yesterday morning. Should I be giving him insulin at all? He has not eaten all day except for a very little bit this morning, which he was able to keep down. I hope to contact his doctor tomorrow. Lois
Hi Lois...

Do you do any home testing? Do you test his blood glucose levels or check his urine for ketones?

If you have an emergency vet clinic near you, I would have him seen tonight. Or call around to local vets until you find one who offers emergency weekend service.

Vomiting, lack of appetite and diminished activity can all be signs of Ketoacidosis. This can be very dangerous, and he should be seen as soon as possible.

Don't give him insulin until he sees a vet!

Here's some information on ketones and Ketoacidosis for you.

I hope this helps and your boy will be okay. Please let me know...
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for your help. Since I sent my question, he has eaten a little bit of cat food, and seemed hungry enough. He didn't eat much but better than nothing. So far no more vomiting since early this morning. He is sleeping now. Thanks again, Lois

Thanks for accepting my answer. I'm glad he ate and didn't throw up. Thank goodness! See if you can get him to eat a few small meals of canned food (just a few bites) throughout the night to try to keep his blood glucose levels as even as possible, and do call your vet in the morning. He should probably be seen.

Lois, do you home test? It's not as difficult as it sounds, and it's such a help in managing your cat's diabetes. I have a diabetic cat, too (he's 16), and it's very reassuring to me to know where his BG levels are when I'm concerned about him.

You'll find information and videos on home testing here. And the Feline Diabetes Message Board is a wonderful source of information and support. People are there 24/7 to help.

Missy Zane and 2 other Cat Specialists are ready to help you