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why is my cat losing his hair on his belly and his ...

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why is my cat losing his hair on his belly and his hind legs. He''s about 10 years old.

There are several conditions which may cause a cat to lose hair. If he's licking, biting, chewing at these areas, he may have external parasites like fleas or mites, which need to be treated with a product like Advantage or Frontline, if she's not currently on any monthly flea treatment. The other flea treatments are not effective and also may cause very severe health hazards to your cat, so don't ever use them. The vet would have to take a skin scraping (painless), to analyze under a microscope for microscopic mites. He also may have food or contact allergies.

Another comon cause for hairloss in cats, can be ringworm, which is a caused by a fungal infection.

Older cats are more prone to develop certain medical conditions which may affect the condition of their fur:

A routine senior blood panel, including a thyroid test, will provide more diagnostic tools for the vet.

If there are no fleas or other external parasites present, your cat may have feline psychogenic alopecia, an obsessive compulsive disorder, that causes obsessive licking, to the point of hairloss.

The following, will provide you with a description of many other possibilities for your cat's hairloss:

It would be a good idea to have your cat evaluated by the vet, ASAP, have some lab work run, and tested for allergies or other skin problems. Once the cause is found, he will be treated with the most appropriate medication, if needed.

I hope all will be well!

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