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Experience:  Registered Qualified Veterinary Nurse 19+yrs in VN care,specialised Emergency Veterinary Nursing
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My 8 month old female kitten has been crying /whining

Customer Question

My 8 month old female kitten has been crying /whining pretty much nonstop for about 7 hours. She is rolling around on the ground and appears to be rubbing her head on the ground. I think she may have an ear infection, they look ok inside to me. My other thought would be that she is in heat but again, I do not see anything. DO cats whine and cry if they go in heat? I will call the vet as soon as they open but it will be a few hours yet and I am just trying to figure this out. ANy ideas?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  VetnurseOnCall replied 9 years ago.


It sounds like it could be her first season. I presume otherwise she is ok and is still eating/drinking ok and using her litter tray fine (with no problems).

A female will come into season around 6 months or so and if you've never experienced at cat in heat/season it can look as if the cat is some sort of excruciating pain. They drag themselves over the floor, rubbing their bellies hard against it.They are extremely vocal (with the cry seeming painful and drawn) at this time and will rub and demand attention fuss in the bucket load. They may make 'buzzing' sound as you give them attention and our a lot as well. They will arch their backs when you stoke them and present themselves to whoever is stroking them (their tail slightly to one side as if to accept a male).

I've attached a link and hope it helps you.

If she doesn't seem to fit this description or she's showing any other signs that give you concern don't hesitate to reply back to me and I'll and assist further.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I think that is what is going on. Actually that is better than an ear infection which was my first thought. We also had a stray cat wander into our house through our cat door the other night--- I certainly hope nothing happened. We dont allow this cat out but our other two go out so our cat door is in only . We dont need any kittens. I guess I will call the vet and get her fixed asap, we were waiting for her to grow more, she is really small. Will it cost extra to fix her while she is in heat? Thanks for your help, my cats have always been fixed and my dog just slept alot when she was in heat
Expert:  VetnurseOnCall replied 9 years ago.

Hi Bethanne,

Your vet may make an additional charge if she has been 'caught' and is pregnant at the time they spay . The operation is more complicated and time consuming if she's pregnant and she will need a higher dose of premed /anesthetic as well to produce the same level of anesthesia as if she hadn't been pregnant.

As for her size and allowing her to grow more, sometimes you'll encounter smaller females anyway depending on their parentage. I hope all goes well for you and her.

Hope this helps.