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How do I clean an open weeping wound on my cat I ...

Customer Question

How do I clean an open weeping wound on my cat? I have a current supply of antibiotics that my cat used in November for a similiar wound. My vet will charge me a huge fee because it is after hours on the weekend and I have five cats that have all been treated for something in the last three months and I can''t afford another big bill. Thanks
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.
What I usually do with an open draining wound for home care is to start by trimming back hair away from the injury as hair will just drip bacteria in the hole.
I apply a clean hot/warm damp compress over the are to help the infection to drain and to stimulate circulation which promotes healing.
Then you can clean the sore with betadine iodine solution, sterile saline or if all you have is 3% hydrogen peroxide you can use that.
You can then use neosporin or triple antibiotic on the sore and try to keep the cat from licking it so it soaks in. It won't hurt the cat to swallow it but it works better in the wound than on the tongue!
You can do that two to three times a day but you may still need to see your vet for antibiotics for an abscess type wound like this to heal properly.
Hope this helps you!
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to NancyH's Post: I gave my cat a bath and put some betadine on his wound.   I tried to shave his hair using scissors and then a regular hair razor. I had trouble cutting his fur- should the regular leg razor work?

I also gave him some amoxicilin 3ml. The script on the front of the box that was put there by the vet says expires 12/24/2007 but the actual bottle says 3/09. The script was written on 11/27/2007.   Do you think the perscription is still good? It has been in the refrig since I brought it home in November.
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.
Sorry for the delay I was off the pc for a bit.
The problem with the amoxi liquid is that after about 2 weeks of being mixed up its effectiveness lessens a lot. So while its shelf life un mixed up might go to 3/09 it was only good for a couple of weeks once mixed up.
Trimming the fur back with scissors should be enough. You want to be able to see the wound and clean it easily.
I'd not try the leg razor - usually the vet uses an electric clipper for animal fur. I forget not everyone has one at home (I have three as I groom my own pets too!).
The amoxi shouldn't hurt him but its probably not a lot of help either.
Thanks for the above accept!