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What would cause my cat to throw up clear liquid and should ...

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What would cause my cat to throw up clear liquid and should I be concerned? Tippy is a 9 year old DSH female. I have only had her for 5 months, but she had a complete check up etc., was tested, received her shots etc. in September and was given a clean bill of health. The first time I noticed that she had thrown up clear liquid and a few strands of hair was the end of September after I had had her for about a week. She hadn't had another incident until last week, same thing clear liquid, a few strands of hair. Last night, almost exactly a week later, she again threw up a clear liquid. She has no other symptoms, she eats well (and is not throwing up food), is active, is active and seems fine. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hi there and thanks for your question. It is good to hear that Tippy is eating well and bright and alert. This makes me think that this is not anything too serious.

It sounds like the vomiting does not happen too frequently. Unfortunately some cats will just vomit and we do not know why. I remember back in school we had a professor who said, "If you ever meet a cat who doesn't vomit, check it out cause there's something wrong with it!".

It is possible that the vomiting is due to hairballs even if there is no actual hairball coming up. Sometimes they can sit in the stomach and occasionally block the outflow to the stomach into the intestines. Most of the over the counter hairball remedies work well. You can give about an inch of the malt 2-3 x per week to see if this helps.

If the vomiting is becoming more frequent some other possibilities include a foreign object in her stomach, an allergy to her food or possibly inflammatory bowel disease. Most cats with IBD have diarrhea, but some will just vomit. So, if this is happening very regularly, or if she is not feeling well then another vet checkup is probably a good idea.

Also, if you have changed her food recently or added a new type of treat this could contribute to some stomach upset.

I hope this information helps! If you have more questions regarding this problem, just hit reply. Or, if my answer is sufficient, then please hit accept. Thanks!

Dr. Marie.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks for this answer. Just a couple of quick questions, so that I can make the best judgement possible. I do give her Petromalt 1X a week - it sounds as if I might want to increase that. Also, I wasn't worried by the initial time or the second time when there was months between. When it seems to be once a week, I wasn't sure if I should worry. If I give her more of the hairball remedy, and it doesn't stop the vomiting - how often is often enough that I should worry. I guess what I am asking is what do you mean by "if this is happening very regularly".

Tippy's mom, Kathy

You're very welcome. Sure, it is hard to say what constitutes regularly. I would not be worried unless this is happening 2-3 x per week or more, or unless it is combined with inappetance or lethargy.

Regarding the hairball medicine what you can do is give it daily for 5 days and then 2-3x per week.

Hope that helps!
Dr. Marie.

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