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Artemis Platz
Artemis Platz, Veterinary Technician
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my cat has been lethargic, loss of appetite, depressed, he ...

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my cat has been lethargic, loss of appetite, depressed, he will lay in one spot get up to move walk two steps then lay back down, he doesn''t lay on his side just hunkers down, he seems to not move his back legs much. He has had an ear infection which we got more medicine for 5 days ago, he was also tested for all the common cat illness trying to find out whats wrong with him. all came back negative, only thing was his liver was slightly elevated they said nothing to be concerned about, his sugar was high on friday but low yesterday. they pretty much told me they don''t know what is wrong with him, gave me some antibiotics to give him, gave him two shots yesterday, one was an antibiotic other was a steroid. on 11/26 he weighted 16.4 lbs as of friday he weighted 13.4 and yesterday when we took him 12.9. I''ve givin him pedia lyte all day sat to rehydrate him and started today of feeding him this prescribed food through an eye dropper. He seems to just be getting worse any thoughts, I''m thinking I need to take him to another vet tomorrow


How old is your cat? Did he have full screening blood work done?

What was the high sugar level on Friday? Did he have sugar in his urine?

Has he had an xray?

Thank you



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Artemis Platz's Post: he is 1 1/2 years old, and yes they did a full blood screen on fiday, they said that his blood sugar was 400 on friday and 200 yesterday. they didn't do a urine screen on him, or even mentioned anything about an exray. they felt his stomach and hind quarters and his feet said that it felt normal.

Hi again,

Thanks for that information. I agree with you that a second opinion should be obtained for your cat. I would recommend trying a cats only practice, if one is nearby. Here is a link to the American Association of Feline Practitioners. You can search for a cat vet in your area:

The high blood sugar is a concern. Cats can have a stress elevation of blood sugar, but 400 is exceptional high. Diabetes is the first thing to rule out. A urine sample should be obtained by your new vet and analyzed, the checked for sugar. Another blood sugar should also be checked at the same time. He may be diabetic, or he may have pancreatitis, an inflammation/infection of the pancreas. The new vet may also pick up something on exam that the other vet did not.

The rapid weight loss is also a concern. He may benefit from a feeding tube for a short time, until he gets through this. As you probably know, rapid weight loss for any reason in cats can cause a fatty liver disease, hepatic lipidosis. Hopefully that hasn't occurred yet, and we want to keep that from happening.

I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to ask any follow up questions you have. I would be happy to talk further with you.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ya the vet I went to yesterday said that they were concerned with his blood work from friday, but since it was only in the 200's yesterday that it was probably from the stress lvls on friday. I will definately be taking him to a new vet in the morning from the website you sent me, which was really helpfull. How many ml of food should I feed him and how often till I can get him there? Cause he won't eat it on his own.

Hello again,

You're doing a great job with your boy at home. It's hard to feed a cat entirely by eyedropper, but if you can aim for about 80-100 ml (ccs) in 24 hours, you're doing pretty well. That plus the Pedialyte will keep him hydrated and keep some calories going in him. I hope they can help him tomorrow. Make sure a urine sample is obtained.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you for your help
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you for your help