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What are the cats natural enemies I assume the dog ...

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What are the cat''s natural enemies? I assume the dog is one and I need written proof as to why that is. Do you some written material that I can use?
Hello. Are you asking about your pet cat specifically, all "domestic" cats, or all felines in general, including lions, tigers and so forth?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Patricia's Post: I just need to know about domestic cats and their natural behavior with domestic dogs.I am writing an article and I want to make sure that I have correct facts and of course, give credit for the information...hence; the paperwork cited.Does that help?

Okay, thanks. That does help. What is tricky with this is using the word "natural" combined with you only wanting to cover domestic cats. Yes, on occasion, a dog will attack a cat, domestic or not. However, the word "prey" insinuates that the dog preys on the cat as a food source. As we know, that's rarely the case. Only if a stray and starving dog could catch a loose cat, might he actually eat it. Cats, domestic or not, do not really have that many natural predators. If the cat is running loose, but again whether domestic or feral, it might be preyed upon by larger cats, wild members of the canine family like wolves and coyotes. If the size difference is sufficient, maybe a fox would consider a cat prey. Kittens may be taken by raccoons and weasels. Any cat, if it is small enough to be handled, can be taken by a raptor such as an owl, hawk, or eagle. One of the most dangerous "predators" for cats in modern times are humans. However, whether it's proper to call humans a "natural" predator is iffy at best. I have a link for you to excerpts from a book by Edward Howe Forbush in which he discusses this subject. Click here: The Domestic Cat: Bird Killer ... - Google Book Search The relevant information being on page 19. If you want more detail or to read more of the book, I expect you could find it at your local library and there would be no need to purchase it, unless you just want your own copy. I hope this will be helpful to you but if you have more questions, just let us know. Good luck with your report. Patricia

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