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Can I use Natural Tears Visine brand drops in my Boston ...

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Can I use Natural Tears Visine brand drops in my Boston Terrier puppy''s eyes?


What is the problem with the eyes?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Jav917's Post: The inside corner of the right eye is swollen and red. We have a 3yo mix hound that may have injured his eye but there were no yelps or cries from the puppy when they were playing. He started scratching at his eye shortly after playtime.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
We just rechecked his eye and the swelling has gone down significantly. Could the Visine product have caused the swelling?


Thank-you for the information. You can use the Natural Tears as long as it is preservative free. I personally like to use Sterile Saline Solution, in a situation like this. If the the puppy's eye was injured and is red, you will need to see the Vet in the AM to have the cornea examined and a flouresant stain done. The Bostons eyes are global and can easily get injured playing. Fot tonight you can Use the Natural Tears. The swellin may have been an allergic reaction to something and when the puppy rubbed it it became swollen. Joan

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