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Cher, Feline Specialist
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My cat has a lot of dandruff all of a sudden.......what should I do

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I started combing my cat with a certain comb a few weeks ago and then she started having dandruff.   Not sure they are related or just coincidence.   What should I do for my cat to help with her dandruff?   Is this a sign of a more serious problem....or just a harmless skin condition that can be treated topically?

How old is your cat?

What type of comb are you using?

Does the dandruff resemble salt in her fur? What color is she?

Can you part her fur in different areas on her body and tell me if her skin seems irritated, red, or scaly, at all? Do you see any black specks that resemble ground black pepper?

Do you bathe your cat at all? If so, what shampoo do you use?

Is your cat on any monthly flea treatment? If so, which one?

Does your cat go outside at all?

Thanks for any additional detail.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
My cat is about 4 years old.
The comb is the Furminator.
The danruff is white flakes. She is a black cat.
Her skin doesn't seen irritated or red.   It doesn't even seem all that scaly, but a lot of flakes are coming off.   I don't see any black specks.
I bathe her only once in every 4 months or so. I use "Veternarians Best" shampoo.
She isn't on any flea treatment because she is strickly an indoor cat.
Thank you.
Hi again,Customer and thanks for your additional information.

It's possible that the new brush is a little too rough on her skin and is causing the white flakes you're seeing; it's also possible that these are flea eggs, and even if she's indoor-only, she can still get fleas, brought in on humans' pantlegs and shoes. This happened to my cat, and imagine my surprise, as we live 3 stories up!

If you see no black specks or other evidence of fleas, then the white flakes are most likely dandruff, as you suspect. I'd stop using the Furminator at this time, and bathe her in a cat shampoo to alleviate dry skin, from Drs. Foster and Smith:

Also, use some of the other products to moisturize her skin and keep her fur in good condition. You can find many of these products in major pet supply stores, or order online, of course.

If it's colder where you live now, her fur may be naturally drier, due to the season, so you can run a humidifier in your home, or in the room she spends the most time in, to add moisture to the air and back into her coat. Also, make sure she's drinking sufficiently.

It's not necessary to bathe her, unless she gets into something sticky, oily or toxic; frequent bathing dries out the skin, but I wouldn't call every four months, 'frequent'.

I hope you see an improvement, soon. If not, an evaluation by your vet would be a good idea.

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