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how can I reduce a high fever in my cat he is so sick he ...

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how can I reduce a high fever in my cat? he is so sick he can hardly walk or eat. he has urinated but has not had a bowel movement that i can tell for five days. what should i do?

There's no doubt your cat needs to be evaluated and treated by a vet, immediately. If you have an ER vet center in your city, bring him there, now.

You can reduce fever in cats by wiping him down with a cool, damp cloth (but don't let him get a chill), and also, wrap an ice pack in a towel and hold against his abdomen and under his arms, for a few minutes on/a few off.

You have to get some fluids into him or he'll dehydrate from the fever, if he isn't dehydrated at this time. Get some children's unflavored Pedialyte, or if you can't get this, make a mixture of 1 cup plain room temperature water with a dash (1/8 tsp.) salt and sugar. Give this with a 1cc sized dropper--one dropperful every 15 minutes for an hour. Go slowly, from the side of the mouth where there's an opening between the upper and lower teeth; wait for a swallow after each little bit.

It's possible your cat hasn't had a b.m. for 5 days due to his dehydrated state, or he's extremely constipated. First, try to reduce his fever and get him hydrated, then you can try to give him some watered down (plain water) canned cat food or plain jarred baby food chicken (no onions/garlic added) with the dropper, and add a few drops of mineral oil or vegetable oil to one of the droppers. Also, give this 1 dropper every 15 minutes for an hour. If he's still not eating/drinking on his own, repeat the fluids and watered down food every 2-3 hrs. However, it's very important that he's seen by a vet to alleviate his constipation, get rehydrated and find the cause of the fever, if possible. He will also be given medication to reduce the fever. No over the counter medications can be given to cats for fever, only the vet can administer one that's appropriate and effective for cats.

I hope your furry boy is feeling better real soon, and try your best to get him to a vet, ASAP.

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