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Can cats and kittens eat vegetables or fruit If so which ...

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Can cats and kittens eat vegetables or fruit? If so which kind. I have an indoor cat that has no interest in catnip plants or cat grass. I'm just curious as to another way she can get her vegetables.

How old is your cat?

What food does she currently eat?

Is she eating, drinking, and eliminating normally at this time?

Does your cat go outside at all?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Jessesmom's Post: Hey There!

My cat is 1.5 years old. She eats Proplan by Purina. She drinks and uses the restroom regularly. I have taken her outside on her harness. She sniffs the grass and plants, but she won't eat them.
Hello again, and thanks very much for your prompt reply!

Proplan is a balanced food and is supplying all your cat's nutritional needs. Cats don't need to eat fruits and vegetables to be healthy. All the vitamins, minerals, and essential ingredients contributing to her good health are contained within
the cat food she's eating.

Not all cats eat grass or plants, and they shouldn't. Outside, plants and grasses may be treated with insecticide, or contaminated with a number of other toxins, so it's best that she doesn't eat them. Many houseplants and flowers are toxic to cats, too. Most cats will eat grass when they have intestinal upset, because they know that the grass will make them throw up so they'll feel better. However, all cats don't HAVE to eat grass or show an interest in it. 'Cat grass', which you've seen sold in pet stores and in infomercials, etc., are natural 'greens' for cats who like to much on that stuff; that usually causes vomiting, too.

So, if your cat is on a quality cat food, like Proplan by Purina, she really doesn't have to eat any fruits or vegetables, to remain healthy. There are some other premium cat foods like Wellness, Felidae, Innova, Newman's Own Organic and Solid Gold, which contain no artificial anything and do contain fruits and veggies in different forms. The kinds of fruits and veggies that humans enjoy, are not good for a cat's digestive system. Dry cat food is good to keep available at all times, but canned food is said to be better for cats' health, in general, so if your cat is eating Proplan dry, you might consider adding a quality canned food as a treat, or for two meals a day.

I hope your cat continues to be well!

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