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Peter Bennett, DVM
Peter Bennett, DVM, Veterinarian
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everywhere my cat lays he leaves very small black worms ...

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everywhere my cat lays he leaves very small black worms about a cm long and little black flecks. what is this? how do I treat it?
Your cat has fleas. The black specks are called 'flea dirt' and are flea excrement from blood that the fleas dine on.

The black worms are flea larvae, black from eating the flea dirt. The flea lays eggs on the cat, which fall off and hatch into larvae. This happens most wherever the cat spends time.

Frontline, or Advantrix are the two best choices for flea control on the animal, and environment, if you don't have an overwhelming problem which you probably do. You need to physically vacuum all the floors, furniture where the cat goes, in fact everywhere the cat goes, or can get when you're not looking. This will help get all the larvae and eggs and newly hatched fleas that you haven't seen yet.

Here is a link discussing more than you ever wanted to know about fleas. It should help with getting the home back in your control.

After all this, you should have the cat treated for tape worms. They aren't normally any problem for the cat, but aren't any help either. Fleas transport them when the cat catches and swallows one.

I hope this is helpful, and best wishes.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Thank you so much. I have been battling the fleas for a month now. I vaccuum every day and keep a sheet on the couch and beds and wash those in hot water constantly. All the tables and windowsills get cleaned with bleach daily because of the "flea dirt". The cats are on Frontline since the 20th. They aren't allowed outside anymore. It occupies most of my day. I am relieved however that they do not have another parasite, I already treated them for tapeworm. Thank you so so so very much.
Great...Frontline works but it just takes time. You're battling the unfettered efforts of 100's of fleas, working feverishly probably since May to raise a 'family' in your house. It takes about three weeks for the cycle to complete, so you should be able to see light at the end of your tunnel.

Have you considered all the places the cats can go? Animals, especially cats, will try to get away from areas of high flea populations by finding places they haven't been into before. this is a hit and mis proposition...they find a place where fleas aren't jumping all over them and stay there when possible. A common finding is staying off the floor when possible...they may be jumping from furniture, piece to piece, rather than walking on the floor. Or even avoiding certain rooms.

Hang in there...there may be lots more of them, but you're bigger and you've the cats on your side now.