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My cats tail is dragging and the vet said a possible ...

Resolved Question:

My cats tail is dragging and the vet said a possible fracture. He is having trouble urinating and defacating will this heal without extreme measures (still in the process of xray and vet suggested CAT scan will the more costly exam be worth it in other words if worse case scenerio can they do anything for my cat?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 9 years ago.

It's possible that your cat injured his back (spine) and this is causing the tail to drag, due to an interruption in nerve conduction, and possible pain. If he's having trouble urinating and defecating due to the injury, did the vet say it was because of the injury (possible fracture of the tail?) or do you mean he's having problems using the litterbox efficiently, BECAUSE his tail can't be raised?

If the more costly tests would identify the source of the problem, that would be wise, in order to know exactly what he injured, and then the vet will know how to best treat it. My cat injured the top of his back a few years ago, and his tail was down all the time. The vet said it would heal on it's own with time, and it did. A fractured tail was not suspected, because I saw my cat hit the top of his back on something he was sleeping under, when he got up quickly, frightened by a loud noise. It took several weeks (perhaps a month) before he started walking with his tail up, again. If your cat seems to be in pain, the vet can prescribe an appropriate pain medication. However, if he's having trouble actually 'voiding' his urine and stool, this is a more serious problem.

If your vet suspects a fractured tail, I think an x-ray at least, would show if this were the case, and also, a view of the spine would be helpful. A fractured tail can be taped to help the bones knit back together.

I hope your cat will be feeling back to himself, in a very short while!

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