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Missy Zane
Missy Zane, Many years as cat sitter & rescuer
Category: Cat
Satisfied Customers: 509
Experience:  A lifetime of living with & loving cats; specializing in behavior and outdoor cats
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I noticed a large open sore on my cats neck this evening.

Customer Question

From what I am reading on the internet, I think she has an abcess. How do I treat the sore until I can get to the vet?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Missy Zane replied 9 years ago.

I'm sorry your cat's hurt. Please don't delay getting her to the vet.

In the meantime, you can put antibiotic cream on the wound. And try to keep it open. If she'll let you, try putting a warm compress on it using a damp wash cloth. She might let you do this if you hold the wash cloth with one hand and scratch her head with the other. There's an acupressure point on the top of a cat's head, so scratching her head should make her happy and calm.

You want the wound to continue to drain. The vet will probably start her on antibiotics to take care of the infection.

I hope this helps and your girl will be okay.