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NancyH, Cat Health, Behavior, Care Expert
Category: Cat
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Experience:  30+ years cat owner, rescue, breeding, study of behavior & health care
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my kitten ate a lot of soap and seems sick now. what should i do

Customer Question

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Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.
What kind of soap was this?
A detergent or a real soap made from oils?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
palmolive dish soap, my child "washed" the cat with it and then the kitten hide till morning so iwas not aware till the am and i think in that time he licked a lot of it off and isn't feeling well. eating and drinking a bit, bowel movements still but no energy, not acting like his normal kitten self
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.
Dish soap is a detergent and can be toxic.
I'd take plain water and rinse him several times to try and get as much off of him as you can.
Then I'd also suggest calling your vet and asking their opinion on getting her help.
Depending on the chemicals in the detergent your vet may want to help the kitten with fluids or meds to get him back feeling better.
Palmolive is supposed to be non toxic depending on which one it is but cats are really sensitive to chemicals. You can check the bottle to see if there is a customer service number to call - they may be able to give you specifics on antidote use if needed.
Hope this helps you!