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Artemis Platz
Artemis Platz, Veterinary Technician
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Feline Veterinary Technician, over 14 years experience
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Is there a home remedy for cat cough

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My cat has had a recurring cough for 3 years... since we brought a stray kitten into the house. The kitten never showed signs, though. The older cat (10yrs old) has a runny nose and wet sounding cough. (Like a human congested cough). Originally diagnosed w/ Upper Respiratory Infection; antibiodics helped, but it came back a couple mths later. The cough is worse at night & after physical exertion. Is there a natural, home-remedy for cat cough?


I'm sorry your girl isn't well. May I ask a few questions, please?

Has she been back to the vet since the initial antibiotic course?

Has she been on any other medications?

Has she had a chest x ray?

Thank you


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Artemis Platz's Post: He was back to the vet probably a year after that... but at the time he wasn't coughing. Back then, it seemed kind of seasonal. We joked that he was allergic to the kitten (they are both inside cats). He's been on no other meds, and has not had a chest xray.

I also didn't mention, but he has a really runny nose. (Usually no color to the mucus, but definitely not clear). He really sounds like I do when I get a chest cold or Upper Resp Infect.

I've noticed in the last few days that the coughing seems to be more evident in my bedroom at night (perhaps because he sleeps on my head or perhaps because I'm trying to sleep.).

Hello again,

Thanks for the additional information about your boy. How often do you hear him cough now? Does he ever sneeze?

Thank you


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Artemis Platz's Post: He coughs mostly at night (or after the puppy or fat mean kitten chases him)... usually ON ME. :\ And yes, he sneezes frequently, but it's like he's trying to blow his nose, really. And after I wipe his nose (he gets mucus EVERYWHERE.. ugh), he sneezes again & again. I'm up most nights w/ him because he sleeps right on top of me, and ... "slimes" me a lot. He sounds terrible when he purrs at night--like he's got mucus in his throat.

Other than that, he really seems quite happy and normal. During the day, he purrs and rubs all over me (he's a cuddler). There's usually no congested sound in his throat during the day, though his nose does run.

Hello again,

Thank you for that detail. There are a number of reasons cats can cough and I was trying to pin it down.

From your description, it sounds like your cat has allergies/asthma, compounded by nasal infection. My first and best advice is to bring him in for an exam and chest xray. The vet will probably want to put him on a course of antibiotics. The chest xray will show if he has feline asthma, which is an allergic/inflammatory condition which will get worse without treatment. The link below is to a video of an asthmatic cat coughing:

Regarding home cures-you can try the amino acid L-lysine 250 mg twice daily, as an anti-herpes virus treatment. It's safe, but I doubt it will do much for him. Another thing reasonable to try is Chlorpheniramine (Chlortrimeton) 1/2 of a 4 mg tablet twice daily. This may help a bit with his nasal signs. A vaporizer at night may ease his congestion a bit.

I really think a course of antibiotics is indicated. It won't hurt him to try the amino acid or Chlorpheniramine, but I am guessing it won't help much either. You can find plenty of people willing to sell you non-prescription homeopathic medications for anything your cat has. I advise saving your money for something that might work.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you for your patience, and please feel free to ask any other questions you have about your boy. I would be happy to talk further with you.



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