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Experience:  25 years working, treating and loving small and exotic big cats, 5 yrs as an animal control officer
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My older cat 13 years old has suddenly gotten oily fur that ...

Resolved Question:

My older cat 13 years old has suddenly gotten oily fur that is matting and shedding in big clumps near her tail....What is wrong with her?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 10 years ago.
With her age this may be happening because she isn't able to turn and reach back there to groom like she used to. Thru normal grooming the oil is spread throughout the hair to create a healthy shine. It may be necessary to start brushing her on a regular basis to help her get the hair out. You don't want the hair to get too matted since it is possible for sores to develope under the mats if they get too tight. If it is too hard for you to do this you can take her to a groomer and have them do this for you. She will feel more comfortable having the mats gone.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Animal Eyes's Post: My 13 year old has no problem moving and can easily reach back there to groom her self so I dont' think it is that... and I do brush her which she seems to like plus the greasiest part is back there where she can lick it you have any other ideas
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 10 years ago.
She may be producing more oil than she used to do. Also as they age many aren't as fastidious as they used to be. She may be having problems with her liver or kidneys or something else internal. It may be a good idea to have her seen by your vet and have bloodwork done to look for anything obvious that may be contributing to the problem.
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