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Can I get sick from sharing food with my cat

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I have three indoor cats and one, in particular, loves to share meal time with me. He will eat off my fork or plate, and sometimes I will eat something that he has licked. Can I get sick from this?

Cat's saliva contains bacteria that could make you sick, and I wouldn't recommend continuing this practice. It's just not sanitary or hygienic for you to eat something your cat licked or allow him to eat from your plate or fork.

Also, human food isn't always that healthy for felines, and could cause intestinal problems.

Think about where your cat's mouth/tongue has been, as he cleans himself several times daily, after he uses the litterbox, etc., and general self grooming. For this reason, yes, you could get sick if your cat shares your plate, fork, and you eat from his mouth.

Offer your cat healthy cat treats when he tries to eat from your plate from now on, and teach him that it's no longer allowed to eat from your food.

Good luck!

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