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My cat went into labor yesterday but her first kitten was ...

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My cat went into labor yesterday but her first kitten was stuck inside her and died in the process. We were able to pull the dead kitten out, but there are still 2 more kittens in her womb. Now what? i want to take her to a vet, but i can't afford one right now.
Is she still having contractions? How do you know that there are still 2 undelivered kittens?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Lori's Post: We actually don't know exactly how many undelivered kittens there are but I know there's at least one more. She hasn't been having contractions for the past few hours, but she was last night after the dead kitten was removed. She doesn't seem in a lot of pain right now.

This is a very tough situation because she really does need veterinary care. Since she did deliver a kitten, it would be possible at this point for the vet to give her a shot of oxytocin to stimulate her labor and get the other kitten(s) delivered; however, if you wait more than 48 hours after delivery of the first kitten, oxytocin is not an option any longer because the cervix will have closed back up. It's not unusual for a cat (especially one under a lot of stress from complications) to go 24 hours between delivery of one kitten and the delivery of the rest of the litter, so the fact that she hasn't delivered any more doesn't concern me too much at this point. The worrisome issues are if she is pushing for more than 45 minutes with no sign of a kitten or if she seems lethargic or feverish (many times you can tell a fever as their eyes will look 'glassy'). Ideally, you should at least have the vet take an xray to see if there are any remaining kittens. Many times the kidneys can be mistaken for kittens upon palpation as they are about the same size, and they tend to be somewhat displaced during pregnancy. I'm attachin a list of resources that may be able to assist financially with getting your girl examined. With any kind of luck, a vet may even be willing to just do a palpation exam and xray for very very little cost.

PLEASE let me know how things go with your girl!


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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Lori's Post: Thank you so much. That information was extremely helpful. I just have one more question...I know there's no real way of telling without real medical attention, and there are several possiblities, but could the kittens have died inside of her because of the first kitten that was stuck? And maybe that's why she's not contracting anymore? I just want to know if you personally think there's a greater chance that they're still alive in her.
If there are other kittens, they are more than likely fine. Cats can deliver live litters with more than 24 hours between starting delivery and having the final kitten - especially if there were multiple dates of conception. I think there is an excellent possibility that the the remaining kittens are alive. If the placenta is still attached, there is no reason why they wouldn't be. The problem would be if the kitten was stuck in the birth canal, but if it hasn't traveled at all, then it could be just fine.