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Should my cat still have troulbe urinating after having a ...

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Should my cat still have troulbe urinating after having a urethal catheter removed?

If your cat didn't have the perineal urethrostomy surgery (removal of the penis/urethra), but only catheterization for a blockage, yes, he could have trouble urinating due to inflammation caused by the catheter, or the actual infection/blockage. However, this should be reported to your vet, as he could be blocked still, or again, and having gone through it, you realize this must be diagnosed and treated immediately. Cats who continue to block will need the surgery mentioned above, and you can read more about the problem, and it's solution, here:

I hope your cat will be fine!

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Jessesmom's Post: So as long as he is not in any pain right now (because he was before he was diagnosed and treated on Thursday) he is ok? He was howling bloody murder on Thursday and this is why I took him to the Vet; which is when I found out about his condition. His catheter was removed on Friday and he was sent home today because his Dr. said he urinated a large puddle during the morning hours and again in the afternoon. It's just it seems as though since he's come home...he only does a few little drops here and there and it completely slipped my mind to ask his Dr. what the side effects would be after the catheterization because I was so excited to have him back home.
Hi again,

If he was urinating full amounts at the vet's, that was great; now that he's home, he should be doing the same; but, he may be associating his litterbox with the pain he felt on Thursday and is a little afraid to 'let go', or he may have inflamed tissue due to the catheterization. Does he seem to be straining to pee at all when he's in the box?

Is he licking in that area, excessively? He might, if he still feels irritation. Is he drinking normally? If he's blocked, he will want to drink, but won't be able to. He would stand (sit) with his head over the water bowl, but not drink.

I understand the reason why you forgot to ask the vet, re: any side effects from the catheter, but they should have given you a 'discharge' instruction sheet with all the possibilities. If he seems to not be in pain, is passing 'some' urine and is eating, drinking and defecating normally, acting alert, and like himself (well, we know he went through a traumatic experience), call your vet in the morning to ask about the after affects of the catheterization. Tell the vet that your cat is peeing drop by drop and not in big puddles, like he did at the office. He may have been given subcutaneous fluids (under the skin) or IV, and that caused him to pee those big puddles, also. If your vet is unreachable tom'w, call your nearest ER vet center and tell them the situation re: his recent catheterization and now peeing only drops.

I hope he'll be alright, and please let me know how he's coming along. Thanks.

Cher and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Jessesmom's Post: Thank you so much for all of the information you have given me. I called a few ER centers around and they refused to tell me anything over the phone...even if he would have side effects. They said I would have to pay their fee plus a fee for them to work on him. His vet is opened again on Monday, so looking at him compared to Thursday...I'd say he's doing great.

He was getting IV fluids because she said that he also felt a little dehydrated on top of being obstructed. I was never given any kind of discharge sheet which the ER center was also pretty shocked of because the first thing they told me was to read his discharge notes...I don't have any. He's doing a little bit more this morning, and he's his normal self. He's VERY hyper and playful along with eating and drinking like he was before anything happened to him. He REFUSES to take his pill medication (antibiotic) so I'll have to get that exchanged for liquid tomorrow, also.

Again, thank you SO very much for all of your help. You have been so wonderful.

Hi again, Rosemary, and you're most welcome! I'm glad I could help and put your mind at ease.

It's great to hear that he's acting like himself, and is outputting a little more urine today! As long as SOMETHING is coming out, that's an encouraging sign!

I have some advice for you re: giving him medication (both pill and liquid) and you if you find it easier to give him liquid, that's fine, but if you have a pharmacy nearby that does 'compounding' and is open today, you can have the pills compounded into a palatable suspension to give him through a dropper. They pulverize the pills and mix them into a 'base' that cats love--it's either beef, chicken or fish flavored, so it makes giving medication much easier.

Definitely get in touch with your vet tom'w, and also, inquire why you weren't given any 'discharge' information.

I hope your furry boy continues to do great and please let me know how things are going after you speak to your vet tom'w; also, please don't forget to click the 'accept' button if you found my answer helpful. Thanks!