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Is soybean oil harmful to cats

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My 14 year old siamiese ate tuna packed in soybean oil this morning,has been slow all day,will not eat or drink water,he ususlly drinks a lot of water

How is your cat's urine output ? Any straining or tinge in the urine? Have you noticed a decrease in output?

What is his typical food ?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to TheCaretaker's Post: He has not eaten anything since the small amount of tuna in oil.has not urinated.just threw up.I have been forcing water down him. He has a strong oil smell and won't even eat his snacks.I feed him Nutro both senior dry and canned and once a week tuna in water which he loves. the tuna in oil was a mistake

Don't blame yourself for this - the soy oil isn't considered 'bad' for cats, in fact, many vets are recommending it for situations and individuals who need a boost to their Omega-3 Fatty Acids (take a look )

Give him a break with the water. Check a few things for me first ok?

1. Gently lift the scruff of his neck in your hand and hold for the count of 5

Let it go and count at the same pace how long it takes to return to normal

2. Take a look at his gums and let me know if they are his usual color

3. Describe the vomit/regurgitation. Was it a puddle or a tube shape?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Took about five seconds for scruff to go to normal.Gums are normal color. It seems what he threw up was the small amount of tuma and liquid.Had that awful soybean oil smell.HIs mouth smells like the soybean oil, I can tell he is not happy,he often licks his mouth.

OK, he's not dehydrated and probably is just experiencing some intestinal upset from too much, too fast. The oil is going be smelly on him for a while.

You should be safe just waiting and watching for now. Leave fresh water out for him, but don't force it.

The only thing that concerns me is that you mention he drinks a lot in a typical day. Cats aren't supposed to drink a lot. They're supposed to attain most of their hydration via their foods - so you may want to modify his diet overall to be mostly soft food and less kibble. is by a vet who specializes in feline nutrition and has no ulterior motives for her info (no sales). She also includes homemade recipes you can try.


By the way - I used to breed/raise Siamese - they are a special favorite of mine. Even now as an animal rescue, the on-premises permanent residents include two siamese hybrids (snowshoes).

If you notice any extreme lethargy, inability to get up/respond, loss of balance upon walking or inability to walk, a show of pain upon urination/defecation or cessation of urination (or any tinge of blood in it) - waste no time in getting vet treatment.

I wouldn't expect any of this, but keep an eye on him.

Again - you didn't do anything wrong. Check back and let me know.


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