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What would cause blood in my cats urine He does not ...

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What would cause blood in my cat's urine? He does not appear to be in pain at all. He pees in the bathroom sink, otherwise I would never have noticed.
Good Morning!

How long has he been going in the sink?
Is he neutered and how old is he?
Is he going often, but in small amounts?

Standing by....
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Reani's Post: Thank you and good morning to you too!
He has been going in the sink for maybe 2-3 weeks. Yes, he is neutered. He is approx. 3 years old. I'm not sure how often... I've seen small amounts in the sink about every three or four days. I stopped giving him dry food, thinking this may help.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I'm not sure if we're still communicating.... (I put in a deposit)
Thanks for the info...

It sounds like you boy has a Urinary infection. It hurts him to pee, which is why he started going in the sink...he associates the box with pain, so he goes elsewhere.

Blood in the urine in also indicative of this. It can turn into an emergency fast, because crystals can form and cause a blockage, especially in a male. If he can't let out the urine, his bladder could burst.

If you have an emergency vet, it would be best to get him in today, since he may only be letting out those small amounts. They will take a urnalysis to confirm and prescribe antibiotics. I would rather see you be safe than sorry, he may be able to wait until tomorrow, but I don't think it is worth chancing. Cats are very tolerant of pain, so he may not be showing it.

Dry food is actually better for this condition, canned food should have less than 3% ash content. Try giving him a little cranberry juice in his food, a few drops, like 2 or 3 to help make the urine less hospitable to bacteria. Once an infection is present, it cannot be treated at home. If there is no way to get him in until tomorrow definitely give the cranberry juice to help him let out some urine.

Thanks for asking your question. I hope you can get him seen today, if not definitely in the morning. They may also recommend putting him on a special food to help prevent recurrences. Science diet makes one, as does Purina One.

Please let me know how he does!
Best Regards,
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