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Cheryl K.
Cheryl K., shelter volunteer
Category: Cat
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My Cat steps in his poop when using the litter box and ...

Resolved Question:

My Cat steps in his poop when using the litter box and tracks it all over the house, he sometimes even gets it stuck to his rump. He does not have diarrhea, what can be his problem?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 10 years ago.
May I ask a couple of questions to be able to better help you, how old is your cat and has he been neutered? Is this a one cat household or are there multiple cats?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
he is almost 4 months old, and not yet nuetered. There is one other cat in the home but they do not share the litter box
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 10 years ago.
Ok thank you for the addional information. This can be common when they are younger and have not adapted to the normal cat cleansiness. Since you do have another cat in the home if you are not having this same issue, when you see your other cat in the litter box take your little one so they can watch and learn the same type of habit. Also try to stand by right now when you see him get into the litter box and help him to get out without stepping on it and use your scoop to cover up the fecal matter so he can see the type of behavior expected of him. When he does good then reward his good behavior with a treat or his favorite toy. Try to clean the litter box more often so when he does get back into the litter box the next time he will not have the fecal matter to try and avoid which will allow for easier positioning into the box. Cats are such clean animals and as he gets a bit older you will see these traits come out more and more in him and will not have to worry as much about this happening. If he does get time outside then try also to allow for this time right after he wakes up and after a meal to also promote outside litter habits as this will allow for less inside litter box cleaning and they do tend to be better about burying their fecal matter when going outside so this will also help to allow him to learn the clean habits that they do gain as they get older. If you do not plan on mating him then as soon as you can have him neutered so he will be less apt to have accidents or spray the furniture which alot do when they are not neutered. If you work with these tips and along with him growing older you will see he will learn to become more cleaner and picky aboutn his habits, just some when younger do not adapt as fast and become as picky about their feet and furr as they do when they age.
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